Use of 3 Types Keyword Provides Good Results

Board, Phrase, Exact match keyword

Step by step work of SEO will not provide always good results. Sometimes have to work on user behaviors that Google do. Here I shared my little study, experiments, and experience on the use of 3 types of keywords that recently impressed to use them and I have gotten good results. We know about the various types of keywords also search engine land share the article on 7 different types of keywords that I found amazing. But I don’t know why we never use these 3 types of keywords for that you will get a bit of success.

Don’t make hesitation yourself, It can not be the perfect presentation for you but let’s see what surprises are waiting for you.

Board Match Keyword

when people search a similar phrase or search similar variations, The board match keyword helps to the appearance of your website’s page on the 1st page of Google. Let’s see the board match type keyword working process. suppose you used this keyword (Mobile Charger) in the title. if anyone searches “charger for mobile”, “buy a charger for mobile”, “charger review for mobile” your page will appear on SERP for board match type keyword. this type appears on the search results although someone searches for similar phrases like as (decorate and decorating).

Phrase Match Keyword

Phrase match keyword is more flexible and targeted than Board match & exact match keyword types. Phrase match provides good results who search for products and services. Suppose you used the “Best Gaming Mouse” keyword in the post or page title, The page or Post also get ranked for this “best gaming mouse” “buy gaming mouse on sale” “gaming mouse for the amazing game” but if you use any additional word between phrase match keyword, so your page or entry post will not get rank well as an example, “mouse for gaming”.

Exact Match Keyword

Exact Match keyword provides well ranking for meaning, that means the user can search with variations keyword but if the meaning is similar to your keyword so you will get well rank. As an example, we can see “Baby Dress”. Suppose you used the Baby Dress keyword in the title and when customers search with “dress for kids” “Latest Dress for Kids”, “Kids Dress”,  “New Dress for Baby” so your site will appear on SERP. The exact match type helps to get a higher CTR (click-through Rate) rate and a better conversion rate. You can know well from Google support blog.

maximum already know about it but never implement it due to time duration. If you can use it properly so you will get higher rank better than your competitors but always follow competitors and try to understand what types they used and try to similar with them if you use totally different so you may not get well results.

If you optimize content well according to match types of a keyword so you will get success. I will not say it’s perfect better than others but I already have gotten good results. so let’s see the process of content optimization.

Optimize content for 3 Match types of Keyword (Board Match, Phrase Match, Exact Match)

Content optimization is part of technical SEO to me. The old word “content is the king” and if you achieve or impress so the king will provide you happiness smile. let’s see some key points of text content optimization that sometimes I use for these 3 types of keyword.

  • Use the keyword in Meta Title: Try to use the keyword in the beginning word of the title and you can use “keyword” for phrase match and [keyword] for an exact match.
  • Use Keyword in URL: Try to use your targeted keyword as permalink, sometimes URL can be variations according to your need.
  • % of Use keyword in Content Body: Who (SEO Expert in Bangladesh) can ensure that how much (%) of use keyword is perfect for google ranking? I can not but I will share my experience with you. someone use 0.5% some are 2.0%, 1% even I seen 2.5% use of target keyword. what do you think how % I use? I am very naughty to say you that on my 3 years experience in SEO I use 1% and 1.5% according to my competitors.
  • The number of Internal Linking: The same question I ask you who will ensure you about the use of the internal link. Although sometimes I use a minimum 5, But properly over 3 I never use.

Not finished the content optimization process. There is a huge process of content optimization but at the basic level, I follow the above key points perfectly. Try to remember that in SEO all types of the process can be different according to competitors and niche. Hope you will get great bits of help and see you next on my other SEO experiment and study.

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