SEO Bangla Tutorial

SEO Bangla Tutorial 2022

Finally, I am covering SEO Bangla tutorial 2022. Now you guys are really happy especially who request me. Here I will cover basics SEO Bangla tutorials. So that every beginner will get a clear idea about SEO. So Subscribe my channel and check the playlist to get new video.

SEO Bangla tutorial will help you to grow online skill. I have seen that maximum of beginner have a lot of question about online marketing and most of the time they are hesitating about how to start, from where to start, for that, I share my own beginner to advanced level SEO Bangla tutorial in here.

Everyone will get step by step SEO guide from A to Z that means beginner to advanced level. Even I share SEM, SMM, and freelancing Bangla tutorials on various kinds of marketplaces such as Upwork, Fiverr, trulancher, Guru & more. let’s know from where will start.

What will get?

Everyone will get the step by step digital marketing video tutorial. In that there are various types of works are present in online to do freelancing & outsourcing but it is so difficult to select what types of work are perfect for you. Although I could not take your decision, But I can help you to take the decision about it.

Overall just stay with and learn a lot of things about online marketing and ways to succeed & take an online as a professional.

Beginner Online Marketing Bangla Tutorial

What is Freelancing & Outsourcing?
How to Choose & What Types of Work I Can Do?

How & From Where to start?
How Many Times Need To Learn Work To Do Freelancing

Basics SEO Topic Covered

Discuss on Search Engine Working Process
Order of SEO
Types of SEO
Keyword Research
On-Page SEO

Off-Page SEO & LinkBuilding
White Hat SEO
Gray Hat SEO
Black Hat SEO
Importance of Self-branding

Keyword Research Topic Covered

Basics of Keyword research
Niche selection
Types of keyword
Manual keyword research & Competitors analysis
Using paid tools Keyword Research

Global Keyword Research
Local Keyword Research
Keyword Research Reporting
Keyword Research Checklist
Recommends Keyword Research Tools

On Page SEO Topic Covered

Meta Title Tag Best Practice
Meta Description Tag Best Practice
Heading Tag Best Practice
keyword Placement or Implement
keyword Stuffing & Density
keyword Proximity & Prominence
Internal & External Linking

Image Optimization
WordPress Yoast Set Up
WordPress Yoast On Page SEO
Content Optimization
On Page SOE Checklist
Content Writing Guidelines

Off Page SEO Topic Covered

Competitors Backlink Analysis
Url Submission / Pinging
Edu & Gov Linkbuilding
Image Submission
Video Submission
Social Bookmarking
Niche Directory submission
Community Blogging
Article Submission
Guest Posting
Audio Submission
PR Submission

Internal Linking
Profile Linkbuilding
Q & A Linkbuilding
Pdf, PPT, Infographic & Slide Submission
Wikipedia Page Creation
Citation Submission
Blog Listing
Web2.0 submission
Forum Posting
Blog Commenting
Classified Ad Posting
RSS feed Submission

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