What is SEO & How Search Engine Work

What is SEO - How Search Engine Works

Just ask Google “what is SEO” Google will show you a lot of website with the answer and you can learn about it. Also you can ask this question with Bangla version to Google, you will get the answer (Don’t try to search with Bangla, It will be better for you) But I know you cannot understand perfectly because first you need to know or you have to know about search engine (How Search Engine Work). In that SEO Depend on Search Engine, Website or Pages, so First learn about Search Engine or Google Working Process. Let’s go to learn.

What is Search Engine & How it Works

Search Engine (Google, Bing, Yahoo &, etc) means where people search for anything to get their deserve Solution about any kind of problem and to know any kind of information. When people search anything o the search engine (Google, Bing, Yahoo &, etc), Search Engine spider collects the relevant content (Text or Article, Video, Audio, image) from their storage and display for searches people. See the Image Below to Better Understand.

Search engine Working Process

Overall we can say that A search engine could be a code program or script obtainable through the web that searches documents and files for keywords and returns the results of any files containing those keywords.

Search Engine Working Process

Let’s see how search engine and their spiders’ work (spider means employ of Search engine). When people search anything on the search bar the Google, Bing, Yahoo & more display a lot of result pages within Nanosecond. How they Occur? Let’s know.

Suppose you have different kinds of movies, Such as Hollywood movies, Bollywood movies, Dhallywood movies, Tollywood movies, and etc. So how you will keep it up on your pc?

Maybe you will create different kind of folder with the different name for every kind of movies then you will keep it up. After decorate if you search the computer search bar you can see all file. Google works with the same process. When Google Employs (Google Bots, Robots) get any file on Google, they pick it and decorate according to Niche (subject, topic & types). And when people search on Google, Search Engine Bots pick the relevant file or information or pages and will show you.

How Search engine Bots Found your Content or not to Pick and index

Search Engine robots always active to pick store any kind of new content. When anyone published content on the search engine, the bots pick it to store as soon as possible and it’s called “index”. Sometimes search engine takes a specific time to the index but if you cannot find your content on the search engine that means you use the robots.txt file to disallow search engine bots or you have to use tools to index your content. Just search for “Google Submit Url”, “Bing Submit Url”, “Yahoo Submit URL” See the image to know about index tools.

Search Engine Url Submission Process


Just copy your content Url then pest the URL in the URL box, check the box then click submit buttons, That’s it.

You can manage search engine robots by using the robots.txt file that means if you want that search engine will not index your content so you need to disallow the robots by using the robots.txt file for the specific pages or whole websites.

What is SEO

SEO means Search Engine Optimization. We (SEO Professional in Bangladesh) can say easily that optimize any pages on the search engine to get a better position according to search engine algorithm (Search Engine Rules). Some of the search engines is present in Online but our prefer search engine GOOGLE helps us to grow online business and SEO is the best process to get success in online business and every online marketer already knew that why Google is our Prefer Search Engine.

Bottom Line

Overall SEO is the heart of the online business that helps you to get success in your business. But before start learns SEO you need to set up your goal in the future. Even not only search engine optimization, if you want to become an online marketer so 1st you need to take online marketing as passion. And you have to love it like as the girlfriend If you have a wife so you have to love it like as your wife. Just set up your goal and start learning.

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