Digital Marketing Training in Bangladesh

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Career Path of Digital Marketing

Freelance Market Place
Multinational Company
E-Commerce Company
Online News Portal
B2B Online Business Site
Real Estate
Supper Shop
Fashion House

Brief Description About This Training

Practical Search Engine Optimization (SEO) training course is designed to provide knowledge and technical skills to become a successful Search Engine Optimizer at Online Markets. It starts with the fundamental concepts of SEO, Site Architecture to intermediate & advanced topics of Keyword Research, On-Page and Off-Page Optimization, Competitor Analysis, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, etc.

Note: SEO tools, Documents, Suggestions & SEO Needed Everything Will be Provided Through Videos or Doc File.

Benefits of This SEO Training

Why someone will attend the course?

  1. Earning from your site/blog using different Advertisement Networks (International & Local).
  2. Earn by Writing paid articles/sponsored posts or articles in your blog.
  3. Learning the procedures of how you can earn from different Affiliate programs or offers using your website/blog.
  4. Outsourcing Career at Online Market places.
  5. Extra income with SEO services (part-time).

To whom the course will be eligible?

  1. International/Local small business/business owners who have a physical business location or online base business & want to rank their Website/FB page at Google/Yahoo/Bing SERP (business e.g. shops, restaurants, fashion house), etc.
  2. SEO service who want to learn more about Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
  3. SEO professionals or Digital Marketing for Online Business.
  4. Want to offer Local SEO services to local clients or International local businesses.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Training Module

Training Module 1Training Module 2Training Module 3
1. What is Search Engine?
2. Why we use Search Engines?
3. How Does Search Engine work? (Crawling & Indexing)
4.Concept of SERP (Search Engine Result Pages)
5. What is SEO?
6. Why does my website need SEO?
7. Why can’t the search engines figure out my site without SEO?
8. What is Keyword?
9. Why Need Keyword Research?
10.Types of SEO
11. Question & Answers.
1. What is Keyword Research?
2.Why Need Keyword Research?
3.Basic of Keyword Research
4.Types of Keywords
5.Manual Keyword Research
6. Keyword Research Using Paid Tools
7.Local Keyword Research
8.Global Keyword Research
9.Keyword Research with Competitors Analysis
10.Clients Reporting
11.Keyword Research Question & Answer.
1.On Page Optimization Fundamentals
2.URL Structures Optimization
3.Page Titles
4.Meta Descriptions
5.Meta keywords
7.Heading Tag (H1-H6)
8.Keyword Implement (LSI)
9.Keyword Density
10Internal Linking
11.Images Optimization
12.Full Content Optimization
Training Module 4Training Module 5Training Module 6
1. What is Off Page SEO?
2.Off Page SEO Overview
3.Search Engine Submission
4.Local Citation
5.Profile Link Building
6.Social Bookmarking
7.Edu & govt. Backlinks
8.Classified Ads
9.Web 0.2
10.Q. & A.
11.Content marketing
12. Outreach, Article Submission, PR & More
1. What is Technical SEO
2.Technical SEO Overview
3.Site Architecture
4.Set Up GSC (Google Search Console)
5.Fixed Up Canonical Issue
6.Set Up GA (Google Analytics)
7.Concept of GTM (Google Tag Manager)
9.Sitemaps Creation & Submission
10.Google Pages Speed
11.W3C Validation
12.Technical SEO Question & Answers
1. What is SEO Website Audit
2.Overview of SEO Audit
3.Technical SEO Audit
4.On Page SEO Audit
5.Off Page SEO Audit
6.Google Penalty Audit
7.Content Audit
8.Clients Reporting
9.SEO Audit & Impressed Clients
10.Question & Answers.


Training Module 7Training Module 8Training Module 9
1. How to Start Work For Own or Clients?
2.Full SEO Audit & Reporting
3.Fixed Duration of Time
4. Note What You Need to Do
5.Creating & Interrogate SEO Strategy
6.Fix Bugs
7.Apply Technical SEO
8.Apply On-Page SEO Audit
9.Apply Off Page SEO Audit
10. Check Keyword Ranking
11.Clients Reporting
12.Question, Answers & More.
1. What is the Google Algorithm
2.Concepts of Google Algorithm
3.Google Algorithm Update History
4.Types of Google Algorithm
5.Google Algorithm & Penalty
6. Remove Google Penalty
7.Recover Rank After Remove Penalty
8.Question & Answers.
1. What is SEO Copy Writing?
2.Overview of SEO Copy Writing
3.Benefits of SEO Copy Writing
4.SEO Copy Write for Website or Blog
5.Oriented Results
6.Questions & Answers.


Training Module 10Training Module 11Training Module 12

1. What is Local SEO?
2.Question & Answers

1.Full SEO Website Audit
2.Technical Issue Fixing
3.Keyword Research
4.On Page SEO Apply
5.Content Optimization
6.Off Page  SEO Apply
7.Ranking Monitor
8.Full Reporting
9.Question & Answers.
1.Google Algorithm updates
2.SEO audit tools
3.Technical SEO audits
4.SEO audit checklist
5.Websites Health check
6.Using Paid Tools


Training Module 13 Total Duration of Time Total Cost
1.Online Market Place
8.Outside of Marketplace.

PPC (Pay Per Click) Training Module

Training Module 1 —– PPCTraining Module 2 —– SEM (Adwords)Training Module 3 —– FB Ads
1. What is PPC
2.Overview of PPC Marketing
3.Types of PPC Marketing
4.Feature of PPC Marketing in BD
5.Types of PPC Ads
6.Basic Concept of PPC Ads
7.Recommend Tools for PPC
8.Introduce to Google AdWords
9.Introduce to Facebook Ads Manager
1. What is SEM?
2.SEM Overview
3.Types of Ads For Business
4.Types of Campaign, Group & Ad Set Up
5.Data Feed Creation
6.Audience Creation
7.Retargeting & Remarketing List Creation
8.Search AD (Text Ad Set Up)
9. Dynamic Ads (DPA) Set Up
10. Image Ads (GDN) Set Up
11.Others Types of Ads & Bidding
1.Facebook Ads Overview
2.Types of Facebook Ads
3.Page Creation & Decoration for Business
4.Set Up Campaign, Group & Ads
5.Best Way to Boost Page
6.Audience Creation
7.Retargeting & Remarketing
8.Facebook DPA
9.Facebook Single Ads
10.Facebook Carousal Ads
11.Others Types of Ads & Bidding


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