Effective Off Page SEO & Link Building Method 2024

Off Page SEO Link Building

Off-page optimization & link-building is the major part of SEO and google ranking factors that really help to get ranking well on SERP. If anyone thinks that only on-page & technical SEO will provide a better rank, it’s not possible. If you read the all SEO expertise blog in the world and some news site content such as “Search Engine Land, Search Engine Journal, Live Journal, SEO Portent, Search Engine Roundtable, SEO book, Nailpatil Blog, Backlinko Blog,” and etc who share google algorithm update and google news, you will know well that all prefer off-page SEO – Link Building. After completion on-page and technical part of the website or pages, without quality link-building, really it’s not possible to get the target audience.

Off-Page SEO – Link Building 2024

Although Thousands of way are present which help you to fulfill your goals on link building but after a lot of update on Google algorithm in last of 2023 to the present time, some outreach strategies really has been changed, for that I share here some off Page SEO – link building method that is really effective in 2024. Let’s go to see how to do it perfectly and what types of Google really like.

  1. Social share

Social share is the best way to drive a lot of traffic to your site and increase ranking, According to the new algorithm of Google, Social Bookmarking is not a ranking factor but every SEO expert in Bangladesh need to remember that social share and social bookmarking is not the same process. Google really like social share and it’s important to increase day by day manually to get ranking well.

  1. Blog comment

When I was a beginner on SEO in 2016, I have heard that blog commenting was already dead but not, Blog commenting is working still now and this is my previous experience. Google still counts nofollow backlinks and if anyone can do blog commenting on the relevant page so it will be better to get more quality traffic and only through blog commenting keyword position can be changed.

  1. Citation submission

Everyone has to keep in mind that local citation submission and directory submission is not the same and I will say that local citation is the ranking factors of Local SEO. Try to build local citation backlink with the relevant site as much as possible it will be better for your local business and only by local citation backlink, it’s possible to get the higher rank on Google SERP.

  1. Classified ad posting

Classified ad means where you can post products advertisement to increase sell. Sometimes Classified ad working like as local citation which looks like a citation submission site that means select the preferred area. Always a huge number of traffic are present in the classified site and for that, you can drive traffic to increase the sale amount.

  1. Press release

Press release plays an important role in case of local business to increases rank, brand value, sell and helps to gain trust with the customers. Sometimes it can be paid and free and by the 2 different way, everyone can do it, number 1. Online press release & number 2 offline press release. Just contact with the news publishing site administrator.

  1. Blog outreach

In Search Engine Optimization blog outreach is the most valuable to get better rank on SERP and in the present time maximum blog outreach is paid because without money administrator are not agree to publish content and provide the link but some of the sites are present still now which accept the valuable guest post. Sometimes many of SEO guys are hesitate with the Blog outreach, guest post, content marketing, and guest blogging. Just keep in mind that all are same. Although a huge email format already found online to send blog outreach proposal, you can follow this format that is given below.

“Blog outreach, guest post, content marketing & guest blogging Email Format”

  1. PDF, PPT, DOC submission

In 2024, Google really loves and prefers content-based backlinks also PDF, PPT, and DOC submission. After reading the content in search engine land about Google core algorithm update on PDF, PPT and DOC everyone can understand clearly. Are you thinking that you have not enough resource to build these types of an off page SEO – link building backlink? Don’t worry! Just search on Google for “Pdf, ppt and doc submission site list 2024” you will get the big list on it.

  1. Infographic submission

The infographic (information graphic) may be an illustration of knowledge in a very graphic format designed to form the information represent simply intelligible at a look. There is a lot of infographic submission site are present in online. You just have to find out submission site with the basic check or just knock me to know the way on how to get infographic submission site list.

  1. Broken link building

Broken link building is the lengthy process but it really free and hugely valuable. Different kind of way is available to do it. Just you have to follow the email format like as content marketing and you can maintain the excel or word format to do perfectly.  You can follow the backlink broken link building format.

  1. Profile link building

Profile Link building is the easiest way to build off page SEO – link building with anchor text. First, know what is Profile Link building? Its means person profile or business profile or organization profile where will have a short description of the person, business, and organization. Now, let’s know how to build profile backlinks? Many business or website has the option to add links where we can build profile links. So just find out that’s types of websites & find out to build links.

  1. Web 2.0 Submission

There is a lot of web 2.0 site in online such as blogger, WordPress, Weebly, jimdo, Tumblr, storify & more which sites provide subdomain to create the free website like as example.blogspot.com, example.wordpress.com. So All the website which provide an opportunity to build the free website with the subdomain is called web2.0 site. just see on youtube how to build web2.0 site and build backlinks.

  1. Edu & gov link building

3 ways build high-quality Edu & gov backlinks that are most important for perfect ranks. 1. Edu & gov profile backlinks, 2. blog commenting & 3. create scholarship page to build Edu & gov links. see the effective guidelines from here https://www.quicksprout.com/the-advanced-guide-to-link-building-chapter-5

  1. Community Blog Submission

Community blogging helps to increase traffic, get more sell & get fast ranks. Finding out the community blogging list from Google Mama then discover the high authority profile & after some days activity, start to publish the post like as article submission site & must follow the guidelines.

  1. Image Submission

Search on Google Mama with “free image submission site list”, Hope you will get a lot of resources. Publish unique image & after write short description keep the pages link in the Description section.  Google love the image & sometimes display on 1 st page. Be sure Image name is your target keyword.

  1. Video Submission

It looks like the same as image submission. Both of it (image & video submission) not only helps to get rank fast also drive a lot of traffic. follow some guidelines, Keep the target keyword in the Video name, title, description and tag. It can be counted as the review.

  1. Q & A Submission

Q & A means question & answer site where anyone can ask & answer on different types of questions. Quora, LinkedIn, Yahoo answers, stack overflow, the stock exchange is the popular Q & A site but not only this, a lot of business site are here which gives an opportunity to ask & answer on every type of questions

  1. Internal Linking

Although this is the on-page SEO factors looks likes off page SEO – link building. I have seen the huge number on it that how google understand the keyword according to every page? Internal linking is the method to declare your pages target keyword & refer. It is best practice to build 3 internal links from a page.

Bottom Line

Although the huge number of the website are present but here are the top 17 off page SEO – link building methods in 2024 to get ranking well better than competitors. I  just have written the guidelines that how to build and what kind of benefit you will get so now you start your experience. if you know how to use all the method, obviously trying your best level and if you don’t know how to use all the method just read the single post on each method or seeing the tutorial on Youtube. Overall you have to resource a lot otherwise you will not succeed in SEO. So gather SEO resource as much as possible to get success. If you have any kind of question on this article just comment below, I will reply as soon as possible.

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