SEM Bangla Tutorial

Search Engine Marketing SEM Bangla tutorial will help you to grow online Google AdWords advertising skill. If you would grow yourself as a digital marketing expert in Bangladesh, so after finishing SEO, you have to take SEM knowledge well otherwise you can’t perform like as others online marketers. So give up the question of what you will learn, from where you will start, how to start well and etc. Here you guys will get my own basic to advanced level (SEM) Search Engine Marketing Bangla Tutorial. So let’s know from where you guys will start.

SEM Bangla Tutorial

SEM is the different way of SEO to get high ranking on SERP (search engine results pages) better than competitor by paying any search engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing and more. Search engine marketing grows your online business in an increasingly competitive marketplace with effective technique. But sometimes your money can be was through paying any search engine if you cannot optimize your advertising well. So take the SEM Bangla tutorial step by step and optimize your ad to perform well and get more conversion.

Types of SEM Advertise

As an experienced digital marketer I prefer search engine Google and prefer google AdWords to set up ads campaign. There are various types of SEM ads people are using to promote their online business to increase sell. It’s a Sales Ads, Lead Ads, Website Traffice ads, Product and brand consideration ads, brand awareness and reach ads, app promotion and customize option to create other types of ads. All types of SEM or Google Adwords ads are includes in Search ads, Display ads=GDN, Display ads=DPA, Videos, and android app promotion.

What you guys will get?

In short, everyone will get the step by step SEM Bangla tutorial lesson. so to make yourself an online marketing expert, take this carefully and follow the full guide in the Bengali language. I think this is the best way to learn but if you guys cannot understand from where you will start, just contact me anytime to take the right guideline.

Overall just stay with and learn a lot of things about online marketing and way to success & take an online as professional. Let’s see the step by step SEM Bangla Tutorial Topic Covered.

Google Ads Topic Covered

Overview of Google Ads
Setup Google Ads Account
Setup ads Account with GSC & GA
Introduce to Every Option of Google ads
Overview of All Kinds of Google Ads
Keyword Research & Ad in campaign & Group Level
Data Feed Creation
Audience Creation
Campaign, Group & Ad Set Up

Retargeting & Remarketing List Creation
Search AD (Text Ad Set Up)
Dynamic Ads (DPA) Set Up
Image Ads (GDN) Set Up
APP ads Set Up
Video ads Set up & Targeting
Tracking Code Install
Check Campaign Performance From GA
Overview of Reporting

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