About Me

This is Muradul Hasan, Professional online marketer living In Dhaka Bangladesh. I am not an Expert but I have average experienced in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) with a demonstrated history of working in the marketing and advertising industry and I am still learning. I am working on online digital marketing (SEO) over 3+ year. I passion made me confident and help me to take my knowledge on Online Marketing to next level. Thanks to Allah!

Muradul Hasan

I was starting my online journey with First online Data entry then YouTube then SEO and I have created this website just only share my knowledge on Online Marketing. Although I cannot unlock big achieve in online marketing to tell to others but I am really happy with my Position and I believe that everyone (Beginner in Online Marketing) will be benefited from this website. I am still a beginner but quality full that help me to understand to others about online marketing and how they can start the online journey.

Brief About my Life

I was Born on 5th may 1995 in the home of my grandmothers which is place on village + Post: Khubjipur, thana: Gurdaspur, district: Natore. I heard from my kinship that in childhood I was very naughty, looking so sweet and very clever. Although I have 2 best friend name Masud Rana & Nijam Ali but my Younger Brother is my life best friend to whom I can share my any kind of opinion. Overall I am very happy with my family, friends & neighbor.

Education: Although I change 4 schools in my student life but I successfully completed my H.S.C degree. Now I am studying at Gov’t Bangla college belongs to a political science Honors final years.

My Life & Internet

This is the important part of my life. When I was class nine (9) I know the name of search engine Google at that time I didn’t know what is google and how it help to people. I can remember that first I search on Google with this mobile phone “symphony audio phone” with this word “Kolkata nayika shrabonti photos” and after few days I can know that everything is found on google. When I was class ten (10), I was searching on Google with this that SSC exam routine 2010 and I am really surprised that Google provides me my deserve result. It’s started from my online journey.

How start Online Journey

After my S.S.C exam in 2011, I use Facebook sometimes and I can remember that I spend my maximum time on Facebook to know about the different kinds of the option of Facebook.  After starting my H.S.C 1st-year study I used to spend sometimes in Khubjipur union Parishad to Ranju Vai to know about the computer, laptop and how to use it. At a time I learn about pc that how to use it and that time I know that it is possible to income from Google and YouTube but I don’t know how, when I fell the financial crises.

After getting my honors 1st-year result in 2015, I was going kerranigong from where I can know the real meaning of life and start my online journey through my friend’s collogue cousin name Touhidujjam Mondol. In that time Touhidujjaman Mondol vai worked at Upwork as an admin supported.

Why Choose SEO As My Passion & Profession

At First, I spent two months with various types of works such as Web design, web development, Graphics design WordPress theme development, admin supported & SEO. But After 2 month I realized that SEO is the biggest online marketing and involve with different kinds of works & if I learn SEO so I will know various kind of works basics & advanced level such as Photoshop, Microsoft office, data entry, market research, CPA, affiliate, blogging, youtube marketing & etc. For that, I decided that I will learn & take SEO as my professional. Although a large number of SEO experts in Bangladesh still working with various marketplace & clients but in SEO huge works are available in online local and global are.